Our Values

Our values drive our work:

Accountability & Courage

We strive to be transparent about our decision-making and policies. This means admitting when we miss the mark and sharing our challenges so others can learn from them. We are accountable to our partners and our communities. We are willing to take big bets to achieve big dreams. We expect to learn from our mistakes and ultimately realize long-lasting impact on people’s lives in our communities.

Curiosity & Compassion

We can’t keep repeating the past and expect change; we have to learn and adapt. To make meaningful change, we recognize and rely on the expertise and lived-experience of our grantees, issue-area advocates, and the communities they serve. We care deeply for our partners, and their insights make our work stronger. Our curiosity pushes us to constantly seek out new perspectives and solutions.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We aren’t afraid to try new things. We believe the expertise of a diverse set of fields is key to finding better ways of understanding issues, designing service, and disrupting complex systems. We support leaders who bring an entrepreneurial spirit to transforming large institutions that provide critical services to our communities.

Discipline & Persistence

We feel a great sense of urgency to affect fundamental change before we close our doors in 2029. We prioritize investments in large-scale, data-driven efforts that will have a lasting impact in our communities. We are deeply committed to our partners and will support them as they adapt to a changing landscape to sustain their work into the future.