team Chief Program Officer

Parag Gupta

The unique space in which the foundation operates inspires me. As a limited life foundation, we can take more risk with larger amounts of funding to help partners spark change. As a small ‘startup’ foundation, we are nimble. As a place-based foundation, we look forward to incorporating community voice in our grant making - all while working with some of the most down-to-Earth people I’ve known.

Parag joined the Stupski Foundation in early 2016 as chief program officer and is part of the senior management team setting and implementing the grantmaking strategy for the Foundation.

Previously, Parag was the founder of Waste Capital Partners, a social enterprise that creates green jobs environmentally processing solid waste. He also founded Waste Ventures, a nonprofit that develops and disseminates sustainable waste management practices to enterprises and governments. Together, the two entities have guided waste management policy and has provided environmental waste processing to more than 200,000 residents in India.

Parag also served as Associate Director at the Schwab Foundation for social entrepreneurship, where he conducted search and selection of impact enterprises into the World Economic Forum community and formed the inaugural WEF Global Agenda Councils on Impact Investing and Social Entrepreneurship. Previously, he was a management consultant at the Bridgespan Group.

Parag received his master’s from the Harvard Kennedy School and his bachelor’s from the University of Chicago. He is a World Economic Forum Global Leadership Fellow and has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Economic Times, the Guardian, and the Huffington Post. He has spoken before the United Nations General Assembly on how nations can foster an impact economy.