About Us

The foods we grow and eat, the networks that mentor and nurture future generations, and the systems that support our health are vital to our collective well-being.  Yet, these core systems that shape and care for us—our food, education, and health systems— impose systemic barriers that perpetuate inequities that disproportionately impact communities based on racial, ethnic, gender, and other identities.  We believe in the strength and love in the places we call home, Hawai‘i and the San Francisco Bay Area, and are committed to supporting those working to create systems that serve everyone equitably.

Our Work

At Stupski Foundation, we’re working toward the day when our health, food, and postsecondary systems collectively promote well-being and abundance for everyone. To realize that future, we are returning all our resources to the communities we call home by 2029. As we spend down, we commit to engaging in adaptive philanthropy that responds to community direction, removes rigidity, and leans into trust in partnership with those who advance equity.

We are spending all our assets by 2029 to move dollars and decisions back into communities. To change systems for good, we commit to trust-based philanthropic practices, shifting decision-making power dynamics, and breaking self-imposed rules to create systems that serve our communities equitably. Social change leaders are essential to leading this work today and long after we close, so we invest in the collective wellness of our communities to promote our partners’ health, imagination, and strength.

Funds returned to communities to date
Years remaining to spend down

We work across the following areas:

Early Brain Development

We work with partners who strengthen bonds between children and their families during the early years of life and fund family-informed efforts to improve access to care that supports childhood development and lifelong health. Learn more.

Food Justice

We partner with communities to invest in equitable local food economies rooted in relationships of care and community well-being. Learn more.

Serious Illness Care

We partner with community-based organizations and health systems to ensure people living with serious illness have agency and access to the care they want and need to experience health and comfort through the end of life. Learn more.

Postsecondary Success

We partner with community and institutional partners, prioritizing care and wellness, while centering youth voices to shift power, policy, and practice in the postsecondary ecosystem. Learn more.

Where We Work

Farmers at Ma'o Organic Farms harvesting crops on the west side of the island of O‘ahu

We focus on partners working in these areas who primarily serve Hawai‘i and the San Francisco Bay Area (especially Alameda and San Francisco Counties). Because these communities have their own unique history, values, wisdom, and vision for the future, our grant-making approaches are responsive to each community’s needs and context.

Learn about where we work

Our Founders

Our commitment to spend down began with our founders. Larry and Joyce Stupski were dedicated to giving back to the communities they called home. Together, they donated $723 million to individual nonprofits and the Stupski Foundation.

Learn about Larry and Joyce

We believe in a society of solidarity, centered in justice and equity, that holds itself accountable for ensuring everyone in our communities can flourish. 

We’re going all in on fulfilling that vision.