About Us

The world sees the San Francisco Bay Area as the center of innovation and Hawai‘i as a land of paradise. But too many members of our communities, especially people of color and individuals from low-income backgrounds, face systemic barriers and are left out of opportunities in their own backyards. We recognize that the challenges communities face are interconnected and urgent, and we are committed to doing our part. That is why the Stupski Foundation is collaborating with community partners to invest all of our assets by 2029 to make the greatest possible change in our communities today.

Our Founders

For decades, Larry and Joyce Stupski were committed to giving back to the communities they called home. As the former president and chief operating officer of Charles Schwab, Larry was passionate about using his success to create opportunities for others. Joyce, a longtime entrepreneur and former educator, shared this vision and established the spend down Foundation in 2014 to continue their commitment and honor his memory.

Today, the Stupski Foundation invests in strategies that will address some of the Bay Area’s and Hawai‘i’s biggest challenges so one day everyone can benefit from the wealth of opportunities and resources in the places we call home.

To make a significant impact with limited time and resources, in the Bay Area, we focus on partners that are primarily serving our communities in San Francisco and Alameda Counties. In Hawai‘i, we invest statewide in community-led programs that address each of our issue areas.

Farmers at Ma'o Organic Farms harvesting crops on the west side of the island of O‘ahu
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We are spending all of our assets within the next eight years to test new ideas, identify what works, and promote lasting solutions. To make the most of our limited time and resources, we identify opportunities to make big investments in efforts that will drive change long after we close our doors.

We believe the reality of life in the Bay Area can match its reputation for limitless opportunity. In Hawaiʻi, we envision a future where everyone, from locals to part-time residents, gives back to the paradise that gives us so much.

When we work together with local institutions to put breakthrough ideas into action, we can ensure that every member of our community enjoys a life marked by dignity, connectedness, and caring.

We’re going all in on fulfilling that vision.