Fund the People with Priscilla Enriquez

March 13, 2024

Episode 4 of “Break Fake Rules” inspires us to invest in California’s future

It’s time for another edition of “Break Fake Rules!” This month, our CEO, Glen Galaich, sits down with a spend down leader we greatly admire, Priscilla Enriquez, CEO of the James B. McClatchy Foundation. Like us at Stupski, the McClatchy Foundation is on the road to spend down, or “sunrise” as Priscilla and her team describe it. Tune in to learn about their commitment to return the foundation’s resources to the community by 2030 to build a Central Valley where communities can confidently engage democracy and have greater agency in decision-making.

Episode 4: “Fund the People” with Priscilla Enriquez

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Priscilla is a longtime advocate for change in philanthropy. After over a decade leading community engagement and localized grantmaking at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, she is passionate about moving money directly to the people of California’s Central Valley. At the James B. McClatchy Foundation, she works with her staff, board, and community partners to protect democracy, support local journalism, and advance equity. In her discussion with Glen, Priscilla challenges the myth of resource scarcity and shares how liberating it has been for her and her team to spend down. Listen to the full conversation wherever you get your podcasts.

“The needs in the Central Valley are urgent and are happening right now. So why wait to try to do something about it versus doing something right now?”

Priscilla Enriquez

Let’s join leaders like Priscilla who are investing in people over perpetuity. 

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