Daniel Oviedo

Grantmaking Practice Manager

Driving change through trust and empowering our grantee partners really motivates me. It’s about knocking down barriers and giving our community partners the space to lead.

Daniel Oviedo (he/him) sits at the intersection of programs and operations at the Stupski Foundation. Since joining in 2021, he has played a key role in the evolution of our approach to partnership, putting responsiveness, flexibility, and the empowerment of our partners at the forefront of our grant-making. Daniel’s efforts ensure that those we work with feel heard, valued, and in control of the work they do on the ground and the impact they are able to make in their communities.

Daniel’s approach to philanthropy is rooted in the belief that true change comes from honoring and elevating the expertise and leadership of those we aim to support. He’s focused on dismantling traditional hierarchies in philanthropy to make way for a partnership that’s based on trust and solidarity. To him, the work is not just about funding; but also about fostering an ecosystem of collaboration and innovation for the just and equitable futures we envision.

Early Career & Advocacy

His path to Stupski was marked by roles that championed diversity, inclusion, and empowerment—whether it was advocating for a more diverse legal field with ChangeLawyers or enhancing the academic and professional lives of students and alumni at the University of California College of the Law, San Francisco. Each experience reinforced his commitment to social equity.

Academics and Interests

As an alum of Justice Funders’ Harmony Initiative, a program dedicated to cultivating a diverse and inclusive generation of philanthropic leaders, Daniel honed his leadership skills, deepened his understanding of equity-centered philanthropy, and expanded his network of like-minded philanthropy professionals, contributing to a more collaborative and effective philanthropic ecosystem.

Outside of work, Daniel enjoys spending time with loved ones and his dog, Luka. He is a fitness enthusiast who relishes a good challenge. Whether planning his next outdoor adventure or pushing his limits, Daniel embraces every opportunity to learn and grow. Daniel is a proud alumnus of the University of California, Davis, where he majored in political science.