Glen Galaich, Ph.D.


I am passionately interested in and concerned with the ever-growing philanthropic resources piling up in bank and investment accounts. At Stupski, we ask ourselves every day, “Why is it more important for us to hold onto these resources than the frontline organizations servicing and advancing communities?

Glen Galaich, Ph.D. (he/him) joined Stupski Foundation as CEO in 2015.

His professional mission is to support equity, justice, and dignity in solidarity with communities that have been denied these essential values throughout history. He is committed to combating systemic racism, sexism, and discrimination in all its forms; reducing practices of donor control at institutional foundations that restrict resources to organizations led by and working with people of color; and supporting a multiracial democracy.

As CEO of Stupski Foundation, he is invested in advancing food justice, economic empowerment, postsecondary success, and health equity in the San Francisco Bay Area and Hawaiʻi. Learn more about the mission and vision of the Stupski Foundation.

Leadership Journey

Glen has worked for over two decades in partnership with philanthropists, policymakers, and community leaders to amplify their impact to advance social change. With an extensive human rights and philanthropy management background, he has a history of building relationships based on his honest outlook and ability to cut through the noise, outlining steps necessary to effect lasting change.

Glen previously served as CEO of The Philanthropy Workshop (now Forward Global), whose mission is to educate, inspire, and activate a peer network of effective, engaged, and innovative philanthropists. His career in strategic philanthropy started with the founding team of the Global Philanthropy Forum, where he was responsible for launching the first and second Conferences on Borderless Giving. He also served at Human Rights Watch as the deputy director of development for North America, where he had strategic oversight of the Human Rights Watch Council, a network of supporters and opinion leaders committed to raising money for, and awareness of, human rights in five major cities.

Academics & Board Service

Glen has written and published on the role of ethnicity in the formation of political parties and human rights and in the use of political violence and repression in sub-Saharan Africa. Glen holds a doctorate and master’s in political science from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of California at San Diego. He currently serves on the boards of, Next River, Northern California Grantmakers, and Forward Global.

We must move all charitable assets sitting on the sidelines out of private bank accounts and investments in companies that undermine equity and justice. Only then will we realize a society of solidarity that values people over profit.

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