team Director of Grantmaking Practice

Gwyneth Tripp

I am inspired by and honored to be part of the Stupski Foundation’s commitment to invest deeply and thoughtfully in organizations poised to create phenomenal community-rooted change in the Bay Area and Hawaiʻi. I love articulating a human-centered design approach to our processes and practices as we bring that vision to life.

Gwyneth Tripp is the director of grantmaking practice at the Stupski Foundation and leads the continual evolution of its grantmaking, development of knowledge sharing practices, and smooth administration of grants. She joined the Foundation in January 2019 as the grants manager. In that role, Gwyneth was responsible for processing and managing grants and co-led a comprehensive grant process redesign to bring greater ease, transparency, and room for creativity to the practice. Previously, Gwyneth worked at the Blue Shield of California Foundation, where she managed grants and contracts and processes. She often developed new ways for people to work and learn together through human-centered design and practice.

Gwyneth holds and treasures a Bachelor of Arts in history from the University of California, Berkeley and a certificate in painting, drawing, photography, and mixed media studies from the San Francisco Studio School. She has authored pieces on  building a learning culture and whole-picture problem solving.