team Operations and Board Liaison

Jas Victoria Murray

I was drawn to the Stupski Foundation’s work with youth and families, particularly pediatric development and postsecondary success. Wealth redistribution is important and necessary to create access and opportunity for groups that systems and government have historically excluded in this country.

Jas (she/her) is the operations and board liaison for Stupski Foundation. In her role, she manages events, project coordination, and staff engagement and provides organizational support to the Foundation’s staff and board members.

Jas is a graduate of City College of San Francisco and holds associate degrees in child development and film studies. She began her career in early childhood education and went on to pursue work in the private and nonprofit sectors in youth career development, social media and storytelling, and community events.

As a teaching fellow with the nonprofit startup Hack the Hood, Jas developed relationships with tech companies, startups, and small businesses to create career pathways for youth of color from Oakland and Alameda Counties.  

Her startup experience inspired her to pursue digital storytelling to communicate shared experiences and help brands craft a voice for their impactful products. In her work as a social media manager, Jas worked with brands across the sustainability, tech, and education industries. As a social media branding specialist for Airbnb, Jas created content to increase representation of travelers of color in Airbnb’s campaigns and supported policies and practices that created safer and more welcoming spaces for Black travelers using the platform. After that, she collaborated with sustainability-focused brands toward the goal of making climate action and sustainability work more accessible by elevating projects led by youth and people of color. 

Outside of work, Jas enjoys curating events for queer people of color, and women in tech groups; mentoring youth for career development; and pursuing long, slow travel. She has been an avid solo traveler for the past 10 years, including several years living abroad across Southeast Asia and Sydney. Coming from a military family that moved and resettled frequently, she has embraced the importance of connection to local communities while passing through a new place and makes an effort to travel in a way that feels sustainable, intentional, and nondestructive.