team Director of Accounting and Finance

Lorree Novotny

Working for the Stupski Foundation is inspiring and energizing not only because I am working with an incredibly awesome team but also because I know that I am making a contribution towards improving the lives of others.

Lorree’s role as the Director of Accounting and Finance at the Stupski Foundation focuses on developing the Foundation’s financial management strategy, overseeing accounting operations, building financial systems, and contributing to the Foundation’s strategic goals throughout the spend down. She also currently serves as the secretary on the Foundation’s board of directors. 

Lorree gained a keen understanding of the Foundations financial and office operations in her prior role as Controller. In that position, Lorree managed several moving parts of the Foundation’s operations including all aspects of financial record keeping including accounts payable, payroll and investment accounting, as well as human resources and office management.  Lorree has guided the Foundation through several phases of the spend down, having joined the team in 2013.

Prior to working at the Foundation, Lorree worked for seven years in public accounting with Ernst & Young at their Chicago office.  During her time there she worked in the audit department for clients across the manufacturing, insurance, and nonprofit sectors. She left her position at Ernst & Young as an Audit Manager to raise four children.  During those years, Lorree actively utilized her accounting background as Treasurer and Board Member for many non-profit organizations. As a member of the Wagner Ranch Parents Club and Miramonte High School Parents Club, she worked with parents, educators, and administrators to raise funds for schools in her community. Being involved in these organizations to fill funding gaps in education inspires her in the work we do in postsecondary success at the Foundation.  

Lorree holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Illinois.