team Postsecondary Success Internship Coordinator

Stacy Lopez

As an emerging thought leader, I am grateful that the Stupski Foundation values my background and experiences and encourages me to express my thoughts and values. When I was a research intern at Stupski, through my research project, I had the honor of connecting the Foundation to a handful of nonprofit organizations in the Bay Area that serve and uplift underrepresented communities such as the Latinx, Black and Indigenous populations. Today as the internship coordinator, I am excited to see what the new group of interns contribute to the Foundation and across the philanthropic sector.

Stacy (she/her) is the postsecondary success internship coordinator, where she works with the Postsecondary Success Team to manage the Foundation’s internship program for December 2021-May 2022. She first joined the team in 2020 as a research intern in the Foundation’s first-ever student internship cohort. Stacy returned in 2021 as a member of staff to support the new cohort of interns and grow the internship program to continue building the pipeline of young and diverse voices into philanthropy. 

In her coordinator role, Stacy develops recruitment strategies for future intern cohorts, coordinates the professional development training series, and provides individual coaching and support to interns on their projects. Stacy is delighted to support interns as they bring their innovative ideas to influence Stupski’s work. 

During her time as a research intern at Stupski, Stacy was able to highlight policing issues on school campuses and the lack of mental wellness in schools that impact the ability of students of color to move freely in educational spaces. Through her work, she most enjoyed learning from and spotlighting the student advocacy work that Bay Area nonprofits are leading to hold safe spaces for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian American Pacific Islander, and other youth of color groups. 

Stacy’s experiences working one-on-one with students inform her approach to her work and her commitment to bringing student voices into the nonprofit sector. As a resident advisor in the dorm halls at the University of California, Davis, Stacy worked specifically with first-year and first-gen Latinx students. In that setting, she valued connecting with the residents on common themes such as first-gen backgrounds, imposter syndrome, and the importance of community connections. Her experiences with students in the Latinx community have enabled her to better understand the needs of youth of color who face the greatest barriers in scholarly spaces and workplaces and what institutions can do to make those environments more equitable. 

Stacy is a senior at UC Davis, where she is double majoring in Spanish and sociology, with a minor in education. She has been in the University Honors Program for the past three years and is now working on her senior year thesis: “The Effects of Punishment and Zero-Tolerance Policies on BIPOC Youth and the Ways That Educators Can Support Them Through Visual and Performing Arts.” 

Outside of her academic pursuits, Stacy is a student leader and mentor in UC Davis’ University Honors Program. She serves as one of four university research ambassadors and works with third-year honors students to support them as they determine their proposals for their fourth-year honors theses. Stacy holds one-on-one advising sessions with a group of students and creates interactive spaces where students can get to know each other and create community outside of their research. 

Stacy’s passion for supporting students stems from her love for learning. She wants to use the information that she receives to make an impact within the education sector. She strongly believes that creative outlets enable students to better relate to and interact in educational spaces, creating a balanced and engaging educational environment that reduces stress on students. In addition to advocating for implementing arts into curriculum, Stacy hopes to one day see educators steer away from punishment and focus more on investing in mental health for youth. 

As a lover of arts and music, Stacy plays the tenor sax, listens to CDs, and hosts Café Amargo, a radio show at her local university radio station, KDVS.