team Grantmaking Practice Assistant

Stacy Lopez

I am grateful that Stupski Foundation values my background and experiences and encourages me to express my thoughts and values. When I was a research intern at Stupski, I had the opportunity to connect the Foundation to several nonprofit organizations in the Bay Area that serve and uplift underrepresented communities such as the Latinx, Black, and Indigenous populations. Today as the Grants Assistant, I am ready to learn more about the grant-making practices that Stupski is utilizing to advance its work with partners.

Stacy (she/her) is the grantmaking practice assistant at Stupski Foundation, working with the grants team to advance the Foundation’s grant-making practices. In her role, she assembles research on how to improve those practices and provides meeting coordination and record-keeping. She first joined the team in 2020 as a research intern in the Foundation’s inaugural student internship cohort. In 2021, Stacy returned to join the staff as the postsecondary success internship coordinator—a role where she supported a new cohort of interns and grew the internship program to continue building the pipeline of young and diverse voices into philanthropy. In her current grants assistant role, Stacy is delighted to support nonprofit organizations across the San Francisco Bay Area and Hawai‘i as they continue to uplift and serve communities of color that deserve the resources and agency to address long-standing systemic inequities in our education, food, and health systems. 

During her time as a research intern at Stupski, Stacy highlighted policing issues on school campuses and the lack of mental wellness in schools that impact the ability of students of color to move freely in educational spaces. Through her work, she most enjoyed learning from and spotlighting the student advocacy work that Bay Area nonprofits are leading to hold safe spaces for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian American Pacific Islander, and other youth of color groups. 

Stacy’s experiences working one-on-one with students inform her approach to her work and her commitment to bringing student and community voices into the nonprofit sector. Her experience with students in the Latinx community as a resident advisor in dorm halls at the University of California, Davis enabled her to better understand the needs of youth of color who face the greatest barriers in scholarly spaces and workplaces and what institutions can do to make those environments more equitable. 

Stacy holds bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and sociology and a minor in education from UC Davis. She hopes to continue learning in new spaces and using her degrees to share knowledge with community members.  As a lover of arts and music, Stacy plays the tenor sax, listens to CDs, and enjoys making playlists for all occasions.