Stupski Foundation Announces Spend Down Strategies 

For Immediate Release
September 25, 2019
Media Contact:  Claire Callahan, 415.655.4405


Stupski will invest $250 million over the next 10 years to make the greatest possible change in the Bay Area and Hawai‛i.


SAN FRANCISCO Today, the Stupski Foundation announced its spend down strategies to address some of the Bay Area’s and Hawai‛i’s biggest challenges so one day everyone can benefit from the wealth of opportunities and resources in the communities the Foundation calls home. 

These strategies are the result of a two-year strategy development process to identify opportunities for Stupski to prioritize investments in large-scale efforts that will have a lasting impact in San Francisco and Alameda Counties and in the state of Hawai‛i. As a spend down foundation, Stupski will collaborate with its community partners to invest all of its assets over the next 10 years before closing its doors in 2029. As the Foundation tries new approaches, refines them, and determines what works, Stupski will share lessons with its partners and ensure it provides the best support it can to its communities. 


Glen Galaich, CEO

“The challenges our communities face are urgent,” said Glen Galaich, CEO of the Stupski Foundation. “To drive fundamental change, we have to try new things, invest in what works, trust our partners, and ask tough questions to challenge our own assumptions.” 


For decades, Larry and Joyce Stupski have been committed to giving back to the communities that gave them so much. As the former president and chief operating officer of Charles Schwab, Larry was passionate about using his success to create opportunities for others. Joyce, a longtime entrepreneur and former educator, shares this vision and established the spend down foundation in 2015 to continue their commitment and honor Larry’s memory. Today’s announcement marks an important step in going all in on fulfilling that vision. 


Joyce Stupski, Founder & Board Chair

“Spending down gives our team of staff and grantee-partners the opportunity to dream big, take risks, and make real change in our communities,” said Joyce Stupski, founder and board chair. “We’re committed to doing our part by investing in local leaders and systems change that will last long after we close.”


Stupski believes that when philanthropy works together with local institutions to put ideas into action, we can ensure that every member of our community enjoys a life marked by dignity, connectedness, and caring. To achieve this, Stupski will invest in San Francisco and Alameda Counties and the state of Hawai‛i across four issue areas:  

  • Early Brain Developmentensuring that children who are part of families struggling to make ends meet have the medical resources and social supports that will help them thrive.
  • Hungermaking food accessible so everyone has the food they need to lead active, healthy lives.
  • Postsecondary Successensuring that students have the support they need to complete the higher education of their choice and unlock an array of quality careers.
  • Serious Illness Caretransforming health systems to ensure that people diagnosed with a serious illness receive care that respects their wishes and allows them to live out the remainder of their lives with comfort and dignity.

To learn more about Stupski’s spend down strategies, please explore our new website



The Stupski Foundation is collaborating with community partners over the next 10 years to invest all of our assets and make the greatest possible change in our communities today. To ensure that every member of our Bay Area and Hawaiʻian communities enjoys a life marked by dignity, connectedness, and caring, we invest in the following issue areas: early brain development, hunger, postsecondary success, and serious illness care.