Welcome to the Change Can’t Wait Blog

When I first started at Stupski three years ago, our mighty team of five was excited by the task in front of us spend down all our assets by 2029 to make the greatest possible change in our communities today. We embarked on a learning journey to identify the most promising solutions that we could invest in with our limited time and resources. 

Now that we have identified our initial spend down strategies, it’s time to start sharing with you what we’re learning. Welcome to Change Can’t Wait our blog where we will share what we are learning about philanthropy, higher education, health care, and local food systems as we continue our work in the Bay Area and Hawaiʻi. 

We’ll post regularly on topics including:

  • Lessons we’re learning from our spend down;
  • Developments in our grantmaking focus areas; 
  • Updates on our partners’ exciting work in our communities;
  • Reflections on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our culture, institutions, and philanthropy;
  • Changes in our local-level education, food, and health care systems;
  • And more! 

We want this blog to be a two-way conversation, and that’s where you come in. Share your thoughts and ask us questions in the comments. Let us know which ideas connect with you and which ones don’t. The challenges our communities face require urgent action and partnership from all of us to make a real difference. Let’s do this together.  

Stay tuned for new posts, follow us on Twitter, and sign up for our newsletter for our latest news. Until then, I invite you to learn more about us and why we’re spending down.

The clock starts now!